To try to get those without credit to "rent to own" and use the current economic situation as a reason to do so, is the most irresponsible advertising I have ever seen. I am disgusted with this company!

Do not do it! Do not do it. If you do not have the money or credit to make purchases through normal channels (cash, bank loans, credit cards) you will only make your situation worse by overextending yourself further. This is absolutely crazy!

There is a clearly defined line between wants and needs.

Be sure that you are only covering your NEEDS during this time. Thanks.

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Sturovo, Nitra, Slovakia #52586

patrick well said. this guy is a ***.

he doesnt even have a good reason to hate. rent to own is not the reason for this problem. their is no connection at all. stop talking out your a!!.

and make some sense. let me go get something new for a couple of bucks iam there ...........


:( what a ***! I think it is a great idea.

I currently dont have good credit and to have an option where i can get something that is nice or new is awesome. I think that this person just hates the fact that now people can have a chance to own something just as nice as those who have had their lives handed to them that never had to work hard in their lives.

so in other words this person is a f-ing douche. thanks

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