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The manager in the Fairfield store has the worst customer service always with in attitude if people go to rent a center is because they don’t have money to pay cash for the items in the store I been a rent a center customer for many years but since my account went to Fairfield from Vacaville is just been a nightmare sometimes we have emergency that we can not do our payments Vacaville store work with I been on disability for a month already only because I can’t go make my payment today I told her I go Tuesday she tells me I have to do a double payment I got upset if you guys are going to change policy we should get notified not just throw it out there on our face I got upset and she said she cooming to pick up my items the worst manager ever i am will not do business with rent a center ever again

Product or Service Mentioned: Rent A Center Manager.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Must be tough out there with only a third grade education. Please go back to school to learn to write so somebody can understand whatever you just composed.


1. The payment due date is in your Contract and Rental Agreement.2.

You will NOT find in the Contract any allowed excuses "I am disabled, or I can not afford it this week, I will be late because XYZ".3. Stop referring to Rent A Center property has "Your Stuff" they are not picking up "Your Stuff" because you to not own it.

READ THE RENTAL AGREEMENT.4. Learn to use proper punctuation.


Please use punctuation, hard to decipher your complaint.

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