I have been renting a TV and bedroom set from rent a center its almost paid off. Never had a proublem lost my job started being late on my payments still no problum.

till i added a laptop and the TV and bedroom set is almost paid off. Now they start calling befor my payment is due come to my house before the store is even open and after it is closed.

they call if they get an answer machine they call from another number rite away. if i dont answer the phone then their is a reason i will get your message.when they stop at the house they are rude to who answers the door or who answers the phone.

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the ghost that never lies

B B B B ***! You are probably getting calls and ignoring....its a common bs thing rac customers do......if you can't pay then return.

You can where you left off anytime. :p

La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #205474

I had a friend who used RAC. She put me down as one of her references without my knowledge.

They were calling me when she was late on her payments. They were rude to me and were blowing up my phone and I didn't even have an account with them. If I were you, I would give everyone on your reference list a heads up because RAC doesn't play.

Once it is paid off, don't ever use them again. They are ruthless and have no class.

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