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hi my name is jasmine and i just rented a ps3 from them my payment was do saturday but ny checks come every thursday they have been calling nonstop since saturday ok im a day late cause theyre closed on sundays when i get my money i will pay plus...late fees they are such ***.if they give u time to come in and pay and stop harrasing you when your only a day late maybe people will enjoy renting from them and then some of their prices are overly high to rent their appliances such *** dumb people

Monetary Loss: $348.

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You know you got paid on Thursday, so why didn't you cash your check & pay by Saturday?

It's YOUR fault, not theirs.


Hi Jasmine – I work with RAC and I’m sorry to hear that you are having difficulty with payments. We offer many ways to make payments, including in person, over the phone, or using our online ePay system.

If you’re unable to resolve this issue by communicating with your store, please contact Customer Support at 1-800-422-8186 to further discuss the matter. Thanks.


Jasmine, you might want to learn how to spell and how to use grammar (commas, periods, etc) - and since you're late with your payments, they have every right to harass you. Stop smoking bud and playing video games all day, and use that brain God gave you for something good.

If you got paid on Thursday, you had the opportunity to get there at some point on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.

You did have time to go in and pay. Stop whining.

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