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To Whom it may concern,I had rented a stove and refrigerator from your center in Lenior city Tn.I called them to come and get them and they told me that it would be friday Oct.8,2010 between 10:00 am and 11:00 am and they never showed so i called them and they told me that their deliver guy was in Maryville,tn. and would be by to get them by 2;00 pm but never showed so i called them back and they told me that they let the guy go that morning.s So they lied to me twice.

I had a friend call and ask them what time they closed and they said 7;00 pm and she ask them if they could deliver and they told her yes and then she ask if they where on the way to robyn barger house to pick up and they said they would be here in a few mins. And they never showed and i had told them I was having company at 6;00 pm and they said they would be there but never showed,so i had to pay someone to take the the stuff to them and i think that was very wrong because i only live across the street from their store and when my person got to the store they where loading their truck with a washer and dryer for a deliver which i thought was wrong because they wouldn't pick my stuff up. Ithink you all need to check into this store because they where rude and being smart and wouldn't even refude my week of pay. i paid for two weeks and i think i need to get something in return for all the *** i had to put up with.I do know I am telling everyone I know or anyone who will listen not to go to your store evey because they very rude.

if you all are any kind of company you would go and check this store asap. I think I deserver something from you all like half my money back.Robyn Barger

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Thanyou for all your help because no one has even called me or wrote to me about this,I needed this information badly.I don't remember who mangement was but they where rude to me on the phone and at the end told me to have a nice day. I will be contacting Mike Foust about this asap.Thankyou again who ever you are I wish you had worked there I think you would of done the right thing thanks again and God Bless


Hello Robyn,

I used to work for RAC in that area a few years ago. I understand your frustration as I have heard many of these same complaints from not only this store but from others.

I suggest you contact Mike Foust. He is the Market Manager of that area and he will take good care of this situation. His office is located at the Maryville, Tn store and if you call there they can either patch you through to him or ( if he is not there ) they will get a message to him. I am, however, very surprised to learn that the store manager of your facility, Gary, allowed this situation to take place.

He, in the past, has been a very good manager and is usually up to date on these situations. The only thing I can tell you is 1 he is either unaware of what took place or 2 he is no longer at that store.

I hope that this helps you in your problem. Thank You and Good Luck....

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