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Rent a center is a rip off!!! I rented a 32inch.

TV that basically ended up being more than a 52inch is worth. I am so pissed I even let my BF talk me into getting the *** TV. I went into Best Buy and found the same exact TV for $400.00!!!!! They are rude and go by what ever means to collect there money/and or merchandise.

They went as far as contacting my landlord for a payment. I have dealt with them for a over year now. The harass you at work and they are extremely unprofessional!! It's horrible!!

I wouldn't recommend anyone to rent from this company ever!!!

They aren't reasonable and could care less about you or your well being!!! This company should seriously consider going out of business!!!

Review about: Rent A Center Tv Rental.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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If I would have known what they were using the references for I would have never gave them! None of my references are paying my bill....

I just can't wait to be done with the annoying phone calls and rude employers that work there! I will never rent from any company ever again! Its a rip off! Especially rent a center!

They don't understand that you don't have it sometimes but has always made arrangements to pay! Always!


I have seen a lot of companies who if you don't pay your bill smart *** they just send you a bill... or make arrangements to pick up your equipment.

I have had this lame companies merchandise for over a yr. Now and litrally have one more payment left. I never seen a place harrass you for a payment! Poor customer service!

You must work for the company that's why u responded the way u have! When the hire you do they tell u all to be complete non understanding ***!?


pay your bill on time and they won't contact you're references, or if you know you'll overshoot your due date by a day or two, contact them on the day you're due and they will take a committment for you so no one calls you.

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