There is no way in the world I should be receiving my oder at 10:30 pm when it was supposed to have been here before 7pm.I have a job!

And why is it that I have paid for something in advance that I can't use. I paid for a week and out of that week I only had 3 days to enjoy it. This crazy!!!!!!! What is the purpose of making an appointment?

To waste my time some more.

Any one setting up a delivery remember they are late so if you want your stuff (thats already been paid for days in advance) by 1pm tell them 4pm.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

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I tried to pay my bill online and because the was down, RAC is now trying to charge me a late fee.


i too have order furniture from rac and said if i can get the idems deleivered the next day ill pay the mover 50 to do so..they said they guaranteed i would have it by 1pm the next day..

i played phone tag all wk with the douche bags at rac... SOME F***ING GURANTEE I HAVE YET TO SEE MY FURNITURE!

if my *** credit wasnt so *** i wont have ever gone there in the first place..so moral of this story is - MAKE SURE YOU NEVER HAVE *** CREDIT AND U WONT HAVE TO SETTLE FOR THIS!!!!!!!!


that is why they r always late the accounts managers are also the delivery drivers ...... they are not smart like arrons sales and lease they have drivers then they have collecters 8)


I agree w/ rac & mopoe. I work for RAC currently & we always ensure that people's merchandise is delivered on time. If for some reason they can't get it that day we make sure they're the first on the schedule the very next day.

Trim, Meath, Ireland #21860

I ordered a 47 inch tv 3 days ago I have yet to see the damned thing. Everytime i call I am told "We are still backed up on deliveries, well get yours out to you tomorrow before noon i swear..... yea the *** right

Ferris, Texas, United States #21560

I'm with the user "RAC" on this one. I think that you may be slightly exajurating that late delivery a tad. No store is on the road at 10:30pm, infact, I'm pretty sure every store closes at 7, so even if they were backed up, a late delivery should not be past 8 at the latest.

Bridgewater, Connecticut, United States #13610

They hired a *** stalker named Larry Byrd to work with me when I worked there.I quit in October and he's still stalking me.

He also told customers that he would get their "other" rental merchandise in his own car while we were getting rental merchandise from people's houses.

Incredibly enough this "other" merchandise didn't appear in the Rent-A-Center store!Don't rent from Rent-A-Center!

Chisinau, Chisinau, Moldova #11922


Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, United States #11579

i run a store in willimantic ct and i ensure my customers get thier merchandise on time...that is what i get paid for....my store has 496 customers and a good majority of them are very happy with what i provide...timely manner included...sorry you got the *** end of the stick but thats not all RAC

Franklin, New York, United States #5386

Perhaps not all 3,000 stores are managed so poorly as the one you go to?

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