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I can not believe this is STILL being read and posted on after all this time!

For starters for the people that think its *** , IT'S NOT because I put up the *** bail money myself. And think about it people !!!!!

There was a WARRANT issued but nobody went looking for my son in law. The only reason he got snagged was because he got pulled over for speeding. When they ran his drivers license is when the warrant popped up !! MY GOD PEOPLE use your brains!!

Laws differ state by state! GEEZ!

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Son-in-law to be rented furniture from here 2 years ago. He had to go out in the field for training because he is a soldier fighting for our freedom. Rent a center had a warrant put out on him for non payment. When he got back he had them come a get the furniture. He NEVER knew about the warrant.

He got stopped for speeding today and they took him to jail because this warrant is still outstanding. He will be deploying for Iraq in a few weeks and if this does not get cleared up his career could be over.


Monetary Loss: $7.

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Im from Clarendon Tx i took out a lease on furniture May 24, 2017.I sent back the furniture Oct.12,2017 but rent a center filed on me oct.10 2017 warrant said i never returned the furniture i had to bond out. These jerks are trying to do the same to my sister people stay away they are frauds!


Dude I went in to rent my ps4 and a tv today and they let me make the payment and then gave me a receipt and told me they would call me tomorrow if I was approved and they didn't give me my 10 dollar first payment deal with i currently going on rite now is there anything I can do


Same thing happened to us here in Florida


Every state and each customer situation. I know that in Michigan it is possible to have a warrent issued if certain criteria are met.

I know because i am an employee who has successfully done this. I filed under larceny by conversion, and successfully prosecuted. Rent a center does not actively pursue this step, but it has been done. People do pay a premium for our merchandise, but customers are well aware of this when they sign on the dotted line.

We seek out every avenue before taking legal action, and 99% of the time resolve issues before that happens. The company has taken huge steps recently to change our public image, and have gone from a collections minded operation, to a customer service program.

to Anonymous #1603809

Lies!!! It's a civil matter and most be taken to court!

to Anonymous #1622806

That is a lie ive never gotten a letter in the mail and the warrant stated they never got the merchandise not all their people are bad but some need to be sued and be held accountable

Pensacola, Florida, United States #1277841

Yes they can arrest you if you dont pay and do not return hired leased property which is a felony.. My bond was 2500.00.

Rent a center got there 189.00 laptop back! I was charged $1021.00 in restitution & 918.00 in court costs & fines.

If you got a warrant keep that property because if you do give them the property they still arrest and you and make u pay. *** rent a centers shut em down.

to Sherree #1571883

Omg the same thing happened to me when I was in the service... I was in training for a while and I told RAC I would be....

but they didn’t believe me and they filled charges... I was in Colorado state pen before I got bailed out after about a week later...

had to pay restitution of $1200, take a theft class and do over 45hrs of community service... rent-a-center is ridiculous and I’d never recommend them...

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #1222350

I just received a phone call from someone saying that there was a criminal something put out on me from Rent a Center

York, Nebraska, United States #659344

this is funny I am sitting here reading all this *** about how RAC has put people in jail well im here too tell ya they can't rented a tv from them last year in the summer and my work slowed down so I couldnt make the payments on the tv anymore and was informed they would work with me and send what I can when I can so I did send them a few payment's of half of what I owed then I get a call from there manager saying that I was a week late after I had made a payment too them, so they where coming too get my stuff in the process of them coming too get my stuff I talked too a atty that said I ought to just keep it because I have paid already twice of what it was valued at. They came over I was in the shower and heard them pounding on my door my curtians was shut windows was opened and I could hear them saying that if I didnt open my door they were going too have the police out there at my apartment arresting me, while he was trying too peak in my windows the cops where in fact called by a neighbor...Cops showed up and asked the mgr what was going on and he said that he was trying too recoup there items they had rented from me, cop told them that they had 5 complaints from neighbors that he was peaking in the windows and looked as if he was trying too burgularize my apartment.

Cop also told him and me both that I DID NOT HAVE TOO LET THEM IN TO MY HOUSE TOO GET ANYTHING IF I DID NOT WANT THEM IN THERE AND THAT THERE CONTRACT IN THE STATE OF NEBRASKA IS CIVIL WHICH MEANS THE COP WOULD NOT TAKE ME TOO JAIL FOR STEALING BECAUSE I SIGNED A CONTRACT AND I DID NOT BREAK INTO THERE STORE SO RAC TOOK THE RISK Also they can not by law call your family and friends (refs) more than 3 times a day. They can not call you at work by law and if they do you can open a civil judgement against RAC.

Good luck Ive been paying on my stuff since January and they are gonna have to file small claims suit with me!

to miah Indian Trail, North Carolina, United States #1251890

It depends on what state and county you are in. Here in Charlotte, NC you can have some one arrested, but in Gaston county they wont.

They can file in civil court and request merch, if the customer doesnt pay or return then they file writ of possession and if it still isnt resolved the customer will be charged with contempt of court. After that then the sheriffs office will go out and recover the merch. If it is not available they will take other stuff and auction it off to pay the debt. In Union county you can file criminal, but they wont look for the customer, you have to wait until the customer gets stopped and then they will pick them up for the warrant.

I know there are other states that wont do anything. You never know who is going to turn out to be a thief, but that is why the prices are so high.

to Mike #1419556

I live in Charlotte cops told me its a civil Matter!!

to miah Pensacola, Florida, United States #1277848

Every state is different FLORIDA will indeed press felony charges. And approx 918.00 in court costs plus whatever restitution is and 36 mo felony supervision.

Look it up or google it. Be thankful for real tho

to Sherree #1424109

Idk if my previous comment posted. My boyfriend just got arrested about 30 minutes ago for this exact thing in volusia county, FL. We didn't even know about it:/ what is the process for it and what do they do for punishment in Florida for it?

to miah #1456599

When was this? I live here in nebraska n im leasing furntuure threw appectance now . And ive made a couple half payments can they throw me in jail

to miah #1550455

So they sued u what if u don't get the supeana in your hand can they still garnish u


i rented a tv from them about a year and a half ago and i was good on all my payments then i decided i wanted to move and switch my account to the rac in the other city and the manager said that they wouldnt accept me cuz i was a day late on a couple payements... i asked what i should do and she said i have to give it back or else she cant let me leave, wtf?

i put 2,000 bucks into that thing, i wasnt gonna just give it back, and for her to tell me that i cant move is bs...

so i just moved anyways and changed my number and havent heard from them since but they do still call my family and have even gotten ppls numbers who i didnt even use as a reference... shady *** company for real

to boxerjoe95525 Daytona Beach, Florida, United States #655779

your a thief

to Anonymous Indian Trail, North Carolina, United States #1251892

In that situation I wouldnt call him a thief. If had that much invested I would have worked out a way for him to pay by phone or mail or something. That was RAC's fault

to Anonymous #1523611

This person is not a their! They paid 2,000!

They had to move and rac didn't want to let them so what else were they suppose to do? You should stop judging ppl!

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