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I would not rent anything from this store! I would not even enter it due to the lack of compassion that the manager of this store (Lance Beshore) had for the parents of a recently deceased child!

They were told that the death of their child was "just an inconvenience."

They were told this after telling the so-called manager that the reason they weren't in to make their payment was because their were burying their baby!

The manager (Lance Beshore) told the grieving Father that the death of their child was "just an inconvenience" because they were late with their payment and the couple had missed payments before due to financial difficulties!

Sure the parents should be held responsible for the contract they signed but being told that the death of their baby was just an inconvenience just 3 days after they buried their child?

A little harsh, don't you think Lance?

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I have had the pleasure to talk with the mother and father in this article and it appears this is a true case. How unfortunate .

to zero #813311

Zero- I think that your screen name actually sums up the integrity & honesty regarding the posts regarding this matter. I just called the first store I rented from (Lance was the manager) to inquire about this.

The employee I spoke with was disgusted that this was still posted & said he actually knew an employee that worked for Lance when this all started. He said he will be looking into this as well as contacting the other employee so she could tell you what she actually witnessed with these people. It seems so unfair for you to attack someone over an issue you are NOT privy to actual facts as gathered by the company:

1. Lance has never even worked in a store in PA??!!


They do have cameras with audio throughout the entire store - only corporate has access to review recordings & yes they do investigate ALL claims like these- they are legally obligated to do so.

3. Apparently, Lance was actually promoted?!


Really?? Common Sense Please!

These Facts Do Not Support Your Allegations & are are the typical lies perpetuated when certain types of people don't have any legitimate ways to attack someone for personal reasons. I don't know where Lance is now, the current mgr just said that he received an amazing offer from the former CEO of Rent A Center to join his new company. I searched Rent A Center on this site tonight because I have had an issue with a current employee when I found these posts.

I was actually just saying to my husband that we were really lucky to have dealt with Lance for so many years, we miss his compassion & approachability. We NEVER felt like he judged us, which means So much. I don't know him personally so I can't comment in that manner, but I have been a long time customer who appreciates excellent customer service. I hope that anyone that reads these posts considers the facts instead of empty allegations.

Rent A Center is a respected national corporate company & would never allow this. A Very Satisfied Rent A Center Customer


Lance is a bad manager and i have whent in to talk to him i was a sercret shoper and trust me he did not get a good report and yes i know my spelling is bad so i dont need any one to tell me about it so any way he has very bad work ethecks and hes been reported and if any one has a prob just remeber that there is a way to report him sex hersment is agenst the law so good luck and dont get me wroung i whould not rent from them there prices are just to hight for me but dont tack out your anger just over one bad appel like him there are good ones out there so just go to a nother rent-a-center and like i seid sry about my spelling :grin

to you dont need to know my name Springfield, Missouri, United States #813277

I actually have rented (& honored ALL of my contracts) from Rent a center ran by Lance (actually 2 locations - I transferred my account when they opened a new location closer to me- Lance was obviously chosen to open due to his ability?! hmmm...) I have had multiple interactions with him when I needed extensions due to financial hardships- he was always professional & compassionate....

But I wasn't trying to keep merchandise I hadn't paid for. Everyone suffers in life, but I'm sure these people could've returned their stuff due to their inability to pay- but wanted a handout instead. I actually know members of above mentioned couple's family & according to them, you should "consider the source"!

To the "secret shopper"- I find it hard to believe that Rent-A-Center would pay someone who has such horrible spelling & is so unprofessional. My guess- another "scorned customer" that didn't get to keep something they couldn't pay for- Pathetic!

A very satisfied Rent A Center Customer


I certainly believe this... I work in a RAC in oklahoma and we had a customer that I must say was very attractive ( I am a female) she had a laptop and didnt have time to delete certain pics from the laptop, the manager and 3 other male employees went through the laptop, found all of her pics (nude) and were looking at them all, and took a memory card and then put the pics in their cell phones..

nothing surprises me anymore. If I had reported this do you think I would have a job at all???

to under pressure #813317

If this is true then you are certainly as guilty for NOT reporting this as your coworkers are for exploiting this woman! Again, Rent A Center must abide by the laws of our country like everyone else.

Perhaps you might consider how you would feel if you were in her position. Rent A Center corporate would have reviewed the audio & video (would've been obvious if it happened as you've said) & it would've been your coworkers that didn't have a job! Instead, this poor woman ( well, hard to feel sorry for someone who would put such images of herself on any computer / Internet, not to mention a rented one she obviously returned) has no idea ; whereas Rent A Center would've notified her (legally obligated) & maybe she could've taken civil legal action. So Sad that you are so quick to validate accusations against someone you don't even know just because YOU & your coworkers exploited your customer.

You chose Not to report this? There are so many laws in place to protect "whistleblowers", but only if they do the right thing.


I had a run-in with Lance myself a while back. I was in RAC seeing about renting a stereo.

Lance approached me and told me he noticed a limp as I was walking in and that he had opened up a clinic in the back and would give me a free hemmoroid exam. Surprised, I sad "No Thanks" and started to leave. Lance,then insisted I let him check me for hemmoroids, colon polyps ,etc. and I told him the limp was from knee surgery.

He then told me I was in luck because he was giving free cleansing cloth demonstrations to every customer with knee surgery and he then grabbed a baby wipe and told me to bend over.

Needless to say, I ran from the store and never have went back. If this is all Lance did to you, consider yourselves lucky.

to Male Customer #813321

This is just Nonsense! If I put an ad in our local paper asking for other Rent A Center customers who rented from Lance that are willing to vouch for his character as a professional manager, I guarantee most or all of them would reply.

I may just put a post on our local site asking others to comment here, so we can all tell you our personal experiences. For example, my neighbor is a real estate agent that enjoyed renting furniture to stage her listings from Lance because he was always genuinely happy when she made a sale & requested a pick-up. He always told her, he knew that with her success, she would be back! I think she'll be the first referral I call!

My husband is also disgusted with these lies & will be talking to a couple of coworkers we referred over the years who have also had good rent to own experiences with Rent A Center & Lance Beshore! Get Ready P.C., let the TRUTH be Told!


I beleive this is true based on my experience with rent a center.


Lance.. I also have been told by an online contact that she has seen this post on at least two other sites.She's trying to find them. If i get the info would you like me to contact you at the store or post it here?


To both sides

Anything i post is here to be under scrutiny by both sides of the story.If you think it's wrong,stat your case.I will give you side the same benefit of the doubt as the other.As in Lane's case at least he knows this story is on the web.And i'm more than happy to point anyone to the source of any and all info on the RAC subject.

to zero Lebanon, Missouri, United States #813579

Zero- I think maybe you should read the terms of use for this site. If you are making defamatory comments about an individual (not the company) YOU are legally liable and can / will be tracked by the proper authorities so you can be identified and thereby sued in a civil court.

I hope you do indeed have "proof" of these allegations as I have contacted Rent A Center Corporate who said they will be turning this over to their legal representatives. They take these types of actions quite seriously and I hope you are ready for the legal reprocussions of your public statements. :x

I was shocked to hear about this from a current employee & as a former employee that worked for Lance, I can say with absolute certainty that these are indeed lies perpetuated by "certain types of people". Everyone in this town knows the type of lifestyle these certain individuals live (small town) - which I also expressed to corporate.

They also have access to certain disgruntled employees records, including those who were fired for drug use, theft, inappropriate relations in the workplace, & even worse! This is what happens when the bad apples try to get rid of the good apple to cover their own actions.

It is sad that you are liable for your statements that were based on LIES, even if you had the best intentions :sigh Either you were directly involved or you were played for a fool. Either way, YOU CHOSE TO GET INVOLVED!


This is just not true. This is an outright lie.

I never had a customer with that problem, and certainly never would have treated them that way if I did.

I demand that you take this post down Zero. This is absolute bull *** that lies this defamatory can be posted without any proof.

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