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I too have received a letter from Tiran Zaken in the mail. My question is how did he receive my information.

There has to be a way to protect consumers from predators. More and more people get into debt because of the poor business practices of the companies in the world. Please I want someone to do something about these scam artists who prey on those who are less fortunate with money. I am also filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and if I have to with the police department if the letters do not stop.

Heed my warning if I have to deal with a business and they lie about the real price or due date of a service or product I will complain and make sure that the business does not get away with the trick or scams they pull on everyday customers.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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Rent a center is horrible, if you give them references on the application. they will call the references you posted, call your neighbors, harass you for payment days earlier.

Up to 8 calls within two days before payment is due. I advise anyone not to ever rent from rent a center stores, they do not do fair debt collection acts.

They bully, coerce and never should be used under any circumstances. Everyone should get together and file a class action suit against them and then they will respect people, their rights, their references and act like human beings with dignity, compassion and start respecting the debt collection practices, let's all get together and file a class action suit.

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