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I told them no it didn't; they came to my house demanding cash and when I said I have been paying online with a credit card!They insisted one of my checks was returned.

Told them "Ok I will pay if this is true if you show me the original check." The answer was "oh we can't because the home office has the check. My resonse was fine I will get the attorney general involved. They didn't believe me and I did file a complaint with the AG's office.

Avoid this place!I paid off the washer and dryer and want nothing to do with them!


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seriously the response from bballboy,an employee of RAC was posted on 12-11-2010 what do they see into the future?????


Hi, I work with Rent-A-Center and we're sorry to hear about this and we apologize that your experience with Rent-A-Center was so negative. Please contact our Customer Service line at 1-800-422-8186 so that we can address this issue.

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