My wife and i have an account with rent a center and when we fell short on cash after paying off one item financed by them they became hatefull and called every 15 - 20 minutes then came over to my home and left a note with the company logo on it saying " payment by 5pm or we will pick up your items " now this was left on by door where any body could read it and i was out of town for the day with my family. to make things better i had just spoke with the store and informed them i would be out of town and they could come over monday around 10 a.m.

to pick up this merchandise since we were not going to use them any more and this only upset the store manager to a point of leaving 4 voice mails and this note on my door.

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No joke. You will meet these ppl posting in a alley and LOVE your job.


username>email address>zipcode>IP adress>molotouv cocktail>quit *** and water the tree of liberty with the blood of these guys and the payday loans folks. Why fight over politics with your neighbor when these folks are gutting and spitting you. Revolution is not built on bailout its built of gutted and hung CEO's of companies like these.


if you live in a neighborhood where either you're door is so close to the road that people can read this small handwriting, or people walk up to your door just to read it, then you live in a crappy neighborhood and should not be worried about people knowing you don't pay your bills, everyone already knows.


Mr. Jason your late on your payments no one is perfect so quit talking all that *** you would not like it if they went to your house at 9:00 knocking on windows scaring your kids so they can hit there 4.9 percent card close for the week

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #45288

Why don't you grow up and pay your debt. You are acting like a child by not paying it so you are being treated like one. You deserve to be humuliated and have the whole neighborhood know about your debt if you are not being an adult and paying it.

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