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I got a tv because I was having company for a football party. I had no intention at all of keeping this expensive used TV.

I was out of town on the day the bill was due 11/15, so Rent-A-Center called me and I told them I would straighten it out as soon as I got home. I also told them I was not going to keep the TV. Two days later they without authorization went into my bank account and took the money for the payment from my account.

When I called them they said your account is on auto pay but originally she said you are not on auto-pay but they took the money out of my account. I would like to bring legal action against them.

Reason of review: Price/Automatic payment deduction.

Monetary Loss: $80.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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LOL... What a fool...

Did you think they were going to sit around and wait for you to "straighten it out" when you got home? That's dead beat talk. Dead beats are their base. They aren't waiting for anything as you see.

What kind of moron rents a TV for a single game? When you went in there with your idiotic plan, did you sign a special clause that said this is a one time only, for the Big Game rental? Nope, you did not. You got what you deserve.

Hopefully you can get out of contract without getting hurt too much. Next time use common sense. P.S.

All of this is your fault.....OK Go... "You must work for..."

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