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my complaint is that the rent a center in troy new york is trying to take my computer back because i called them and told them that i would be 2 days late with the payment and they said they were coming to get the computer today. Rent A Center Stores are scam artists.

if they dont stop their *** i am going to take my computer and shove it up there *** and then go to easy home bcuz i believe that easy home wouldnt try to rip me off like rent a center is doing. im fed up

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I informed the Troy, NY, Rent-A-Center that I would be 5 days late with my payment, and that I would also switch from weekly payments to monthly payments on that day and pay for the entire next month. They scheduled a pick up date.

I'll go through Aaron's and for-go Rent-A-Center's ***. Aaron's already stated they will give me the exact same price, too.

the ghost that never lies

2 days late will not lead to pick up unless you are a frequently late payer. You have probably been late several times. Tell the whole story please or don't post :p

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