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i sent a tv to get fixed,my menu kept showing up on the tv. so before i sent it to get fixed i in graved it two times with my name.mind u i had this tv for almost 2 yrs took extra care of it.

never had any scratches or dents wrong with it,only my engrave marks.well it gets sent off i get a loaner and when it comes back there scratches on it that's look like its been there for years there where no engrave marks at all and there was this weird sound coming from the tv. i tell RAC and they say NO NO NO that's your tv. but where was my engrave marks? where did the scratches come from?

Still no answers.They said that as long as the serial # match there was nothing they could do.*** i look at the serial # and it look like someone peeled it off and put it on a used tv.Ive tried leaving messages with corporate office but haven't hear anything. this happen.Monday march16 2009.

i don't want a new tv all i want is my original tv back. Ive paid to much money into this tv.

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Strausberg, Brandenburg, Germany #54369

I also bought a 52 inch tv from rac. and 2 months away from paying the thing off, it breaks down and the dvd player would not work on it anymore.

so i send it in to be fixed.

I get it back, and they never fixed it and i had the same problem over, the dvd player was still not working, so i send it back again, and they work on it for a month when its time for me to pay off the tv they tell me that the tv can not be fixed but i dont have to pay anything else on it. and im really pissed because, I paid all that money for a tv with a dvd player on it,

but i m stuck with the tv, anyone have a solution as to what i can do

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