Having worked for renta-center for a year i have witnessed and heard of some disturbing issues. Unfair treatment of customers as well as employees.

During my employment there I was assigned to 3 different store locations where i was tought how to bend and work around rules and laws to get the results we were overpressured to get.

I could type all day about the illegal practices and unsafe methods going on within the corporation, instead i will just let you know that it is indeed there and you should be extremely careful in your dealing with this company.


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I have a question im three weeks behind on 3 items one thing is close to bein paid off if i bring in small payments will they still come after me?

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1336722

My sister rented from a company called UHR in Kentucky, she has been in a bad car accident in Chicago and have no way of paying them or getting the keys to her house to collect the items. I called personally to explain her situation and, was told that she either have someone bring the keys or they would bring a sheriff and locksmith and go in to get the furniture. Can they do that

Ottawa, Illinois, United States #812942

Y'all must live in ghetto *** areas or something.I'm in a small town and have an amazing relationship with the guys at my Local RAC.

Been dealing with them on and off for 13 years and have paid off MANY items. Are they overpriced? Yes. For sure.

But for a family that just simply NEEDS furniture, or a washer and dryer, or even a tv or laptop? Or just simply WANTS an item? They make it possible. There have been plenty of times when I end up financially unable to pay them and I communicate with them every time they contact me until I go in with a payment.

Do they harass me, my family or friends? NOPE. The guys at this store are like an extended family for me. I absolutely adore everyone of them, and so does my husband.

And he doesn't like ANYONE. Right now I have a bed that will be paid off in August. A living room set that will be paid off in two weeks. And a washer and dryer (Whirlpool Cabrio Platinum) that we just got a month ago.

Last month I paid off my living room tv too. So to those of you having issues, pay your bills, or at least keep constant contact. If they're harassing you, call the cops. Otherwise, return items that aren't legally yours.

They aren't legally yours until the last payment is made and you receive the ownership certificate!Stop being deadbeats.

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I have an ex who used to work for Rent A Center on 7 highway in Blue Springs, MO. He told me that when he would go out to collect merchandise with his partner he would always take a gun and if a customer tried to refuse to give back merchandise he would threaten them with his gun.

He said he told his manager about it too every time it happened and the manager thought it was hilarious.


I worked in rto industry for 12 yrs from acct manager to store management and I can tell you that although there are things about the business I miss, my life has changed for the better since i got out.As time has gone past the rto business model has become much more strict, but the most difficult is the bad customer's behaviors.

Consumers now demand more than ever and businesses have got there hand full and cut back on employee's to save money which in returns hurts customer satisfaction. So both side's of the business lacks in employee and consumer satisfaction. I have seen both employee's and consumer's lie to get the satisfaction they desire to achieve the results they expect. That may include employee's meeting company standards to consumers dodging another weeks payment till next payday.

On the other hand the pay is good for the staff that has no other choice or desire's the business model and the consumer that pays on time most of the time has to pay a higher cost to offset the loss due to the negligence of another consumer.

I will admit I do check in from time to time to see if things have improved.Based on what I have seen its along way away from my expectations.


I agree!I actually still work for the company and have for two years..why?

Because there is nothing out there right now.This company teaches you how to harrass and bully customers..Im not saying all of it is bad, there are some people who walk into RAC and take what they want without a thought of paying...

to Peg Phoenix, Arizona, United States #708369

What could happen

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #201513

Why is it that reciently there are letters from disgrunted employees bashing their company. Makes me wonder how much of the story is true.

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