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I am very upset at rent a center, In the quad cities on 11st in Rock Island, I have purchases several items(computers,several TV's, washer and dryers, from them and they always seem to break down when you have it paid off, and the customer services is very poor with the management, when you tried to talk with them, they are always with a customer. The manager needs management skilled. I personally had very good services when I was with rent way, but rent a center took them over and I was not very happy, because I had her several complaints.

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I have read through several of these complaints. LOL It seems that to RAC the customer is always wrong!

Obviously the replays to some of these post have to be employees of RAC or managers. No matter what the complaint they are quick to blow the complaint completely out of the water and then turn the words around to make it appear that the customer is just some hot head with a unfounded complaint.

Clarendon Hills, Illinois, United States #196764

Maybe you think you should get everything with a lifetime warranty? You are either uneducated or lack common sense!

If they are with another customer--it's because they are busy!

You have to wait your turn! You need serious mental health counseling....Maybe you should read your post again...really read it...and then write a letter to Obama...maybe he will replace them for free since you obviously have issues with people OWING YOU SOMETHING!


Reread your post. Your complaint is that items break after you've paid them off?

Rent-A-Center offers a 30 day period under which your merchandise can be sent into their service center for repair. I've also owned RAC computers, TV's and washers/dryers, but they just don't seem to break that often. RAC does not manufacture the items, Whirlpool, Sony, Dell etc make these things. Brand names are brand names for their durability.

Seems like you might just be hard on stuff if it breaks all the time. Whirlpool, Sony and Dell wouldn't be in business if they made junk...and RAC wouldn't carry it because they'd be fixing it all the time.

If you have concerns, buy new items from RAC and have it inspected before you pay it off. Like a car, you buy it & you own it!

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