I got a call from RAC on a Saturday when my bill was due, I asked the manager could I pay my Bill on Thursday because I was having a small money problem. The Manager stated that if I didn't pay at that moment that they would pick up the merchandise on Monday.

Now I have paid off several items with them and have been a very good customer, I felt disrespected and not valued as a customer, I will never get anything else from RAC.

What do you get when you pay your bill early... NOTHING but disrespect

Product or Service Mentioned: Rent A Center Manager.

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Would you be willing to talk to me about this issue for a story on RAC? I'm a journalist with KERA.If so email ccollins [at] kera [dot] org



I have had rude service as well; but with Aarons Rental. Really rude.

The CS person in Selinsgove is a joke-- I think his name is Adam. I am nearly paid off on my 42 inch tv but i went to make a payment and he then said so when can i expect you back to make another payment and I said I'll get back to you and he started rudely saying, oh no you dont! you need to tell me NOW. I then said, I have to go, I'll get back to you later and hung up.

This guy is a CONTROL FREAK. They must be having alotta problems getting paid to take it out on me like that -- you'd think I was in Stalin's Goulage the way he acts -- OMG.

Some of these people are all about pressuring and powerplaying to scare you so you feel afraid ... I called his boss and threatened to SUE THEM for harrassment and still may do so; that guy has a craw up his ***.


Even after you pay them off they still keep calling as if you still owe them. You would think that a person would get sick of their ***, but not my wife.

She goes and gets more of that used *** from them now that times are tough they are hounding her *** like crazy calling her moms and the whole nine.

All I keep saying is, "I told you not to get anything else from those bastards but you wouldn't listen" So now she has to deal with it all by herself! Maybe next time she will listen to me instead of trying to be mary mary quite contrary and do the opposite of what I say.


Hi, I work at RAC and I’m very sorry to read about your experience with one of our stores. I know that we want to make customers’ experiences with us completely worry-free; that's why we don't require a deposit or a credit check, and we make sure the agreed-upon payment plan fits your needs.

However, we do require that customers make payments on time.

That said, we want to make this work for you so please don’t hesitate to call Customer Care at 1-800-422-8186 and let them know what happened. I know it’s one more step to take, but giving Customer Care your feedback is the best way for specific issues to be addressed.


Stop your whinning. If you feel disrespected then you should told them to pick up there stuff on Monday.

I believe Rent A center should go out of business. They are making it harder to pay stuff of early anymore.

It use to be 50% off your contract to buy out early. I think everyone should take back there stuff and make them go down on thier prices.

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