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I have been reviewing the complaints on this site over the past few days during downtime at my current job. As a former employee, I can say that the majority of complaints by customers are due to lack of communication on their part.

A large number of complaints have been responded to by other employees, and that's the collections practices. Yes, if you are past due, you will get called. I had to do this every day, and I hated it more than you did. Why yes, I have about 20 other things I *could* be doing, but since you haven't paid your acocunt, or answered your phone the first time I called, I have to keep trying to contact you. And no, I'm not singeling you out, because I have to attempt to have this same conversation with 50 other people when we end this call. Yes I have to call your refrences, and yes, I do find it excessive, however, since you can't seem to make ontime payments this is what i have to do to keep my job.

Employees are required to work every Saturday (some of the post on here say you cant miss any days at work, this is false. the company allows 2 personal days a year, plus at least 5 paid vacation days after one year on the job) and if credit (the number of people past due) is too high, We have to stay late. Ask yourself how happy you'd be staying late every *** saturday at your job becasue of issues largley out of your control?

Managers are constantly being questioned about B.O.R (current customers on rent) typical minimum is aroud 400, and if it dips too close to that mark they get ripped a new one. To counteract this, they will rent to nearly anyone, including thoes who they know will never make an ontime payment, thus creating credit issues. I know that in the store I was at, this nearly lead to a fist fight between an account manager (responsable for credit) and a store manager.

Mandatory 48 hour work week ( I have seem some say that this is unpaid, however policy is that anything ove 40 hours is time and a half), but that can quickly turn into well over 50 hours. I had a few weeks at over 60, and have no doubt that some of the people claiming 70 hours i here are being truthful.

Bottom line, at least in my eyes, is that it's not the best place to work. It's certianly not the best place to conduct retail purcheses if you have other options, however the programs purpose is designed to help people in a tought spot, not to be a primary means of buying products. In my opionion, the company absolutly cares more about profit than employees or customers.

Reason of review: Employment.

I didn't like: Long hours, Threatend by customers.

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"... however the programs purpose is designed to help people in a tought spot..."

...yeah, u huh...

RAC makes money off of people who DON'T pay their bills.

Sign em up for items with inflated prices, let them pay for a while then repo the goods. Rinse repeat.

Period. That is the model buddy.

to Anonymous #1001526

I'm not sure anon knows what he's talking about

to Anonymous #1025302

The poster is correct. Rent to own stores and pay day lenders are there for one reason, to prey on people.

Charging someone 4 times the value of an item isn't "helping people in a tough spot." It's a predatory practice designed to make the most money off an item as one can, then pull the rug out from them. That said, I don't care what kind of tough spot you're in. You shouldn't be signing your name to a payment contract for a big screen TV that retails at 800 bucks and you end up paying 3200 after all installments are done.

That's ludicrous, but most people don't read the contracts like they should. They get sold, see that they can have a fancy TV at 30 bucks a week, and think "wow, I NEED that." The customers rip themselves off more than the store does sometimes.

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