Chester, West Virginia
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We are long time renters from weirton rent a center. We have bought several items from them, and at first were very pleased with our service.

We started noticing little changes in their attitude towards us, for example the politeness slowly disappeared. After awhile we noticed that their was little change in our balance, and when we asked the manager about it he said that it was interest. When we would call in and ask about our balance the manager "Mr. L" would give us one price and the workers would give us a lower one.

When we needed something repaired they would take their time getting it fixed.

They would harass us with phone calls before our payment was due. They are always trying to talk us into buying things, saying that it would be a good gift for our spouse.

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Written by cynthia campanale, on 11-05-2010 10:52

We need to unite to file a class action suit. I have spoken with an attorney, please contact his office : RAC has done a great deal from unfair debt collection practices, harassment, deceptive prices . His name and office numbers are below: PLEASE CALL TO SEE IF YOU HAVE A CASE AND CAN BE ADDED .

Tom Holman

1250 Broadway, Suite 3701

New York, New York 10001

212-300-0345(Voice); 212-564-5468 (Fax)


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