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I am a former employee, and rent a center sux from a consumer standpoint or as an employee, for a consumer, they are ridiculously overpriced, they raised their prices during this econmic crunch, when you get service..its not always from certified technitions and used or scrap parts, New is new but like new or slightly used jacked up..If somone rented a tv and paid rac 500 dollars ...and then returned doesnt mean the next person pays 500 less...if it looks good they might only take 100-200 dollars an employee...there leadership sux...they pay too much for stuff have a *** selection..and try to blame the stores for poor execution...when chances are the plan they made sucked to start with..but they didnt wanna listen to employee ideas...theyre the biggest company in tell me than why aarons, rent 2 own and alot of smaller places have better prices?..making it harder for rac employees to get sales..bottom line is stay away from rac..mark speece, mitch fidel, mike kilbane fred stone todd horton...they are brain washed idiots who are gonna help lead to the dimise of an almost dead industry unless they listen and expand there ideas..

ps *** you!!!

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This company is a rip off for all. i was a store manager for over a year and had too rip people off but once i tell the truth i get fired.

they only want crooks working for them. so please stay away if you can.....

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