I went in to look at a washer and dryer this week. I told The sales woman what i wanted and was told alright sounded good.

I was told that i had to purchase this Benefiets package it was to ensure that if my appliance broke it would cover it. With out it i would be SOL. I told her not interested in the extra cost said that it was a company policy to protect me and the company if damaged. I told her i would think about it and called my girlfriend who works for Rent a Center but in a further away city.

She told me that it was B.S. that i didnt need to buy anything like that it was optional. I called the store and asked to speak with her and the young man that answer said she was on the other line. I said can i get the washer and dryer delivered without that benefiets package and he said sure no problem i said let me call you back.

I called the complaint number and her supervisor was to call me right back but never got a call back. NICE COMPANY TRYING TO SCAM PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She lied her super never called back and everytime i call she is either not in yet (every morning i call) or shesgone to lunch. Way to hire a liar unless this is what you base you company on.....

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You didnt know by the price from the get go that it was a scam? Lol


This is an overview of what the benefits plus package is:


Yes, she lied to you. Glad you didn't fall for it.

Those places are scams anyway.

You should just by an item from art vans or another furniture store and put it on layaway, you don't have the cash up front. The interest on those rent to own places are bordering on usury.

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