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Brother called me said he enlisted for something at RAC. He told me that they were going to call me, ask some questions, which is all fine.

RAC called me eventually and asked, a few being borderline like my address and if they can call me, and if I would be interested in anything at RAC. Called up my brother to let him know they contacted me... he told me they called 10 minutes before to cancel because they found better service at Arron's.

Basically they took information my brother gave them after he canceled with them and contacted the 3rd party party anyway. I don't know if it was an attempt to get get my brother back or an attempt to gain another customer after the cancellation, but that's just wrong to use someones information like that.

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So I have to call a 1 800 to get removed off a list??? WHAT?

Are you serious?

What kinda of list is this? And my brother canceled before you called me.


rachelp is *** and likes it in the bunghole


Hi, I work at RAC. Please feel free to contact our Customer Support line at 800-422-8186 to be removed from our reference list. I hope this helps.

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